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France Moto Road Trip - Champagne dégustation - Circuit Pages et Champagne à moto -
France Moto Road Trip - Plage de Normandie - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

" Beach

& Champagne "

"This road trip showcases an authentic and festive France, steeped in history, with its gastronomy, beaches and stunning scenery".

Enjoy and have fun...


Marc Gignoux

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"Beach & Champagne"

All inclusive          8 days - 7 nights, 

Start Paris             3 & 4-star hotels

1400 kms,           Easy. 

                          From €3,450

All inclusive.

Start & finish:          Paris

Duration:               8 days/7 nights -

Riding experience:  Easy 

Pace                        Relaxed

Km per day:          Approx.150 km i.e. an average of 4 to 5 hours of riding

                           Stops at least every hour. Total: approx. 1,400 km


Price:                    From € 2,820 (excluding bike)

                           From € 3,520 (including bike)

                           Passenger: From € 1 760

The all-inclusive price includes:

Train station or airport transfers - Hotel accommodation (minimum 3-star or equivalent based on a double room) - Morning, lunch and evening meals - itinerary - Guide and support vehicle and luggage transportation - Fuel - Entry tickets to visits, etc.


Not included: flight or travel to Paris or Nice - drinks not included in set menus 

And more generally anything that is not "included in the package" 

See general conditions of sale


Enjoy a glass of Champagne in one of the most prestigious cellars in the world

Rub shoulders with the seals in the Somme Bay...

Delve into the history of the American D-day landing beaches

Relive iconic movie scenes in Deauville...

Meet the descendants of the pirates in the fortified city of Saint-Malo 

Admire Mont-Saint-Michel where the tide rises as swiftly as a galloping horse

Stare back at yourself in the hall of mirrors of the Château de Versailles

Beach & Champagne

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circuit plage et champagne
_Ville de Versailles_Galerie des Glaces - copie
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DAY 1   DAY 2     DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6      DAY 7  
Paris - Reims (150 km ) - Champagne route    

Great start to the day...

We leave the hotel and pick up our bikes.

Remember to bring your driver license and credit card to sign the rental agreement and for the deposit.

The GPS is ready and waiting and the bikes raring to go.

There's a fun atmosphere and everyone is eager to get going ... 

A short trip on the highway to exit Paris (only 40 km) and we quickly cut across into the fields and cuter roads. 

Our first stop is at a restaurant ... bien sûr! 

You can imagine how we're feeling now - happy!

We head off to Reims... criss-crossing the Champagne vineyards on our way. After a quick nod to Reims cathedral, proudly fronted by a statue of the Emperor Charlemagne, we make our way to the extraordinary Pommery cellars. This is awesome.


We sleep in a pretty and very comfortable hotel in Reims.

France Moto Road Trip - Dans les vignes champenoises - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -
DAY 1     DAY 2   DAY  3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY 7 
Reims  - Le Crotoy (250 km env) - Heading for the sea ...
France Moto Road Trip - Le Crotoy - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

After a hearty breakfast and feeling sad about leaving this charming hotel and endearing city of Reims....

We go West to the sea ...

We're taken aback by the bucolic and rustic scenery of the Vexin region with a stop at Pierrefond, a French village packed with medieval history ...

We close in on the Somme Bay, one of the most beautiful bays and bird sanctuaries in Europe... If we're in luck, we'll get a glimpse of the famous and lovable seal colony.

We finally get a chance to take off our boots and dip our feet into the invigorating sea water.

We finish the day dining at a secret location with an unforgettable seafood platter ... We might be catching a train... all will be explained.

We sleep in an adorable hotel, next to Tréport.

DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY 7
Le Crotoy - Deauville (200 km) - The seaside ...

We head firmly South taking a wonderful road to the Haute Normandie and its seaside resorts... The views of the towering chalk cliffs are stunning.


A selfie on the cliffs of Etretat is a must-do as a souvenir of this majestic location. We don't spend a lot of time here as it's always swarming with people but a sweet crêpe would not go amiss...


We arrive at the adorable seaside town of Trouville, with its chocolate-box timber-framed houses and dine in a delightful restaurant. We then go on to an equally delightful hotel, greeted by its well-known owner ... We take a look at the world-famous boards of

Deauville ... and it's Casino too ... 

France Moto Road Trip - Deauville - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -
DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3       DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6   DAY 7  
Deauville - D-day landing beaches - Saint-Malo 200 km
France Moto Road Trip - Plages du debarquement - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

Emotions are running high ... We make an early start to ride alongside the beaches of the American D-day landings in 1944 ... Omaha Beach, Utah Beach ... These sites, where many lives were lost, have changed the face of the world and France...  in stark contrast to the current day serenity and beauty emanated from these places of remembrance.

We then head straight off to a city which is extraordinary, not only for its unique architecture, but also its flamboyant nature and characteristic atmosphere ... Saint-Malo, the city of pirates awaits you for a magical stop. Watch out for the seagulls eyeing up your dessert... 

And the day is not over yet as another rich experience lies ahead in "the wonder of the West": Mont-Saint-Michel. An incredible mount rising from the sea and world heritage site.

DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6      DAY 7
Mont Saint-Michel - Le Mans  (200 km) - A bit of fun ...  

Admiring the early morning light on the Mont-Saint-Michel (it's hard to get enough of it), we reticently leave for the le Mans race car track ...

This is a great day out on the bike crossing forests, hidden villages and wonderful scenery ... the road unwinds ahead and the gentle vibrations bring that contented feeling. 

We make an inevitable stop at the 24H du Mans museum and turn into motor sport enthusiasts at the sight of all these race cars, the stories, the race and men behind this myth.  We are drawn to all these old cars...

A warm and lively night is lined up in an extraordinary restaurant where the rillettes du Mans and the boudins blancs au foie gras will delight all taste buds.

This is why we love France: for its different culinary specialties, winning us over everywhere we go.

France Moto Road Trip - Le Mont Saint Michel - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

Day by Day

DAY  1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6    DAY 7  
Le Mans - Versailles  - Paris (200 km) the Chateau route
France Moto Road Trip - Château de Versailles - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

After a good night's sleep ...

It's the last but one day of the road trip and we're off to discover one of the most beautiful chateau's in the world ... Versailles in all its glory... 


Depending on the weather and how we feel, we could either take a look around the park, have a water fight in the boats of the "canal"or visit the hall of mirrors - then again, we could do all 3 ... 

Versailles is a magical place, loaded with history and pomp that France Moto is very familiar with. We'll take you into places that are secret and hidden away from the other tourists... 

Gala dinner for our last evening in a hotel not far from the chateau. 

DAY 1     DAY 2    DAY 3    DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY  7
Versailles - Motorcycle tour of Paris - & Au revoir

Our last morning... We have a relaxed day including a motorcycle tour of Paris, saluting the Eiffel tower, les Champs Elysées, la Concorde, the Louvre museum, Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur, the pont des Arts,  the pont Neuf, les Tuileries, the Panthéon ...


What could be better than to ride around Paris on a Sunday away from the usual traffic jams  ... Sheer bliss. 


However, as all good things have to come to an end, it's time to hand back the bikes... 

We're a bit worn out after this incredible but happy adventure.

We promise to meet up again ... and we know it will happen as road trips create lasting ties... 

See you soon.

France Moto Road Trip - Tour Eiffel - Circuit Plages et Champagne à moto -

Beach & Champagne

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photo CREDITS: P. BOIsVERT - trail rando - N CHABERT - M. GIGNOUX - FotoliA - Le pré Catelan - 


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