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About us

France Moto Road Trip - Marc Gignoux
The best circuits on a motorbike in France !

France Moto Road Trip is a new Tour Operator specialized in discovering France by all-inclusive motorcycle packages. 


Like the road 66 in the USA, France Moto Road Trip offers to take enthusiastic motorcycles on extraordinary journeys showcasing the gastronomy, culture and the most beautiful scenery of France.

Road trips on motorbikes for 8 days / 7 nights. Very soon, come and see our new road trips for 2 days / 1 night !

In addition to sharing our passion for motorcycles, "France Moto Road Trip"'s  greatest ambition is for you to discover and love our country of France, to pass on our favourite must-dos and must-sees, our routes tweaked and retweaked over years of reconnaissance, to bring you to the most beautiful panoramic vistas in France and for you to taste a few gastronomic (and oenological) subtleties of our regions ...

all with the utmost of comfort in mind and the emphasis on a friendly atmosphere. (Not all French are moaners...) 

However, above all "France Moto Road Trip" is about ensuring you all the stringency of a logistics organization so that all you have to think about is you and for you to make the most of the best of France and the joy of riding a motorcycle. 

"France Moto Road Trip" was founded by Marc Gignoux. Company Director, Chief Executive Officer of major groups, Business School Professor, Perfumer, consultant ... with a huge passion for motorcycles, travel and a fine connoisseur of French gastronomy.  

Journalists, former motorcycle policemen, mechanics ... the team of guides is made up of motorcycle or travel professionals sharing the same values of stringency, with a sense of contact, enthusiastic, friendly and service-centric.

Welcome in France ...



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