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Luxury castle

Palaces & luxury indulgence

Michelin Star Meal Paris Food
Jour 1

The concept is a simple one:

"No limits" 


Every day:

Dine at the best restaurants in the world (2 & 3 Michelin stars)

Relax in the most beautiful luxury Relais et Châteaux hotels 

Experience VIP visits and larger-than-life surprises 

Full "Luxury" service

A dream bike.

It's acceptable to be completely unreasonable in this country of luxury

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Paris - Reims
The Champagne route (approx. 150 km) 
Raims Cathedral Motorcycle Tour

Not many kilometers on the first day.

We savor every moment. ​

We escape from Paris and take the small roads through vineyards, where the light and scenery are magical.​

We take you to the cellars of famous Champagne producers. ​

We greet the impressive Reims cathedral, steeped in history along the way.

L'Assiette Champenoise in Reims Food Chef Arnaud Lallemand

Chef Arnaud Lallemand of the 3 Michelin-starred L’assiette Champenoise in Reims. 

A restaurant rated many times over as one of the top 5 dining experiences in the world. The Chef showcases extraordinary, inventive and dazzling cuisine.

Even the bread comes in the form of a work of art. Magical.

5 Star Hotel Paris Elegant Luxury Room

We settle into the hotel of this fine restaurant … ​

It too boasts a 5-star Relais & Châteaux rating. ​

The elegant, luxury rooms are very close to the restaurant.

Here, we can commit to the enjoyment of  some "met-vins".

Everything is perfect.

Take journey beyond your your wildest dreams, Marc Gignoux transports you into the highest realms of French luxury, where every sense is stimulated and every moment is an emotion.

This one-of-a-kind cult trip is reserved for the happy few and aims to open the exclusive doors of not only the world's finest gastronomy but also the greatest vineyards, winding roads and above all, the most unique and remarkable encounters ... amid the greatest comfort.

8 Days/7 Nights:  €9,980 including tax starting in Paris (bike included).

All inclusive.

Easy roads: 150 to 200 km per day.

Paris  -  Champagne  -  Burgundy  -  Lyon  -  South -  Paris

DAY 1     DAY 2   DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY 7
Reims - Chablis - Saulieu
Destination les grands crus (approx. 265 km)
Two people riding Motorcycle in rural France

The journey is a wonderful one of dancing scenery along small roads... the quaint French countryside at its best… 

We are bound for the Grands Crus …

Chablis, a white wine known throughout the world, stemming from a little stretch of land in Burgundy.

​Stop for a tasting.

Chef Patrick Berton Michelin Star Bernard Loiseau

Chef Patrick Berton of the 2 Michelin-starred Bernard Loiseau restaurant in Saulieu.

The must-do of the French and world cuisine, this restaurant is a rare mix of precision cooking and powerful flavors of the Morvan area. The accompanying wines are just exceptional with a discovery of grands crus pratically unique in the world.

Relais Chateau Bernard Loiseau

A blissful rest at the Bernard Loiseau Relais et Châteaux .

The rooms are comfortable and the quietude is the perfect finale to this near insane amount of luxury.  

We go their by foot - it's at the end of the garden. 

Jour 2
DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY 7 
Saulieu - Romanée Conti - Lyon
A plush journey to the heart of Burgundy (approx. 220 km) 
Visit exclusive vineyards Romanee Conti
Michelin Star Paul Bocuse Lyon menu food

Gevrey Chambertin, Romanée-Conti Montrachet, Côtes de Beaune … The joy of riding through vineyards producing some of the most iconic wines in the world. A collection of little roads that are a delight to ride along…

Just like velvet!

Chef Paul Bocuse

3 Michelin-starred Paul Bocuse Lyon restaurant.

Dinner alone is an apotheosis. This restaurant is probably the most renowned in the world, in the capable hands of the "Chef of the century" in the city of French gastronomy. 

An experience of a lifetime

La Ville Florentine Hotel in Lyon

Night in La Villa Florentine or Cour des Loges; the two must beautiful hotels in Lyon. A magnificent view, unusual architecture, charm, charm and more charm...

Let the opulence sink in gently.

Jour 3
DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3       DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6    DAY 7
Lyon - Ouches  (approx. 120 km)
Motorcyclists riding through scenic roads in France
Beautiful gastronomy Michel Troisgros
Maison des Kakis Maison Troisgros

A relaxed morning … dedicated to visiting Lyon … We won't give anything away but we guarantee you'll remember this visit which will challenge your bike handling skills ... Back on the bikes in the afternoon along an exceptional route.

Chef Michel Troisgros​

3 Michelin-starred  Troisgros Ouches restaurant​

An international institution which has just opened up this new restaurant in Ouches. It is equally as astonishing as its cuisine, one of the best in the world.

Tucked up on the grounds of Troisgros is the new Maison des Kakis. The pared-down, warm, chic decoration and the natural gardens will appeal to all. Complete rest, golden silence, incredibly intimate and comfortable.

Jour 4
DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6    DAY 7
Ouches - Valence
Heading South (approx. 200 km)
Lavender Fields in the South of France

A change of scenery. Take in the rare physical experience of the land of truffles, olive groves, cicadas and sun-baked rooftops … Our bikes carry us into new atmospheres and emotions.

Anne Sophi Pic Michelin Star Gastrnomie Menu

Chef Anne Sophie Pic​

Valence 3 Michelin stars ​

A fine array of savors, the top female Chef in the world, showcasing her cuisine from the south with its multicoloured, rich and precious flavours. ​

Each dish takes you on an overwhelming journey.

Luxurious spacious room at Relais & Chateaux Anne Sophie Pic

The Relais & Châteaux Anne-Sophie Pic is an oasis of lush vegetation oozing with well-being. It is intimate, friendly and of outstanding taste.

DAY 1     DAY 2      DAY 3     DAY 4     DAY 5     DAY 6     DAY 7
Valence - Lyon
Heading South (approx. 110 km) 
followed by Lyon Paris in TGV
Last Michelin-starred evening in the Capital
Motorcycle at  golden sunset

It's back to Lyon this morning to hand back the bikes and take the TGV high speed train to Paris… This last ride is often the most precious.

Le Pre Catelan Paris Restaurant

Dinner at D. Auton's  Le pré Catelan

Paris 3 Michelin-starred restaurant

A magical place in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne on the edge of Paris. Rich and elegant cuisine and the perfect

transition before going back to "normal" life.

Le Foquet Hotel in Paris Luxury Room

Le Fouquet’s is one of the last grand hotels to come to Paris… On les Champs Elysées, in the heart of the Parisian golden triangle… just minutes away from the most prestigious stores in the world.

Jour 5
Jour 6

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